Sahajdhara Satsang, an entirely new concept in the system of meditation and spiritualism, originated in 1979-80 with the blessings of Satguru Nanak Dev ji. Its founder, Sahaj Incarnate -Gurudev, Dr. Jagjit Singh Grewal, M. A.( Pbi. Eng.) Ph.D.was born on 7th July, 1939 in village Threeke, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab. This great son of S.Harnam Singh Parwana, a staunch comrade and freedom fighter despite his communist inclinations was inspired by the dialectics in existence to become a spiritual-seeker. Hard-work put in by him in his Ph.D. thesis on “Imagery in Adi-Granth” proved to be a turning point in his journey of spiritualism. This spark of spiritualism in his enlightened mind took the form of a flame when he came in golden contact and touch of his Spiritual Guru-Mata Kirpal Kaur .This outstanding luminary of Sahaj, Dr. Jagjit Singh Grewal has been deputed by God to preach the mission of Sahaj Marg in this world. He has taken birth as Lord Buddha in the house of Guru Nanak Dev ji.