1. Moolmantar is the Divine  Word, this Divine Utterance is my destiny.

One Universal Creator God, The Name is Truth, Creative being Personified, No Fear,No Hatred ,Image of Undying ,Beyond Birth, Self  Existent, By Gurus Grace.

Everyone recites the Word orally, rare is the person who recites it from the core of heart,
When the Word is recited with full devotion, the tongue becomes speechless,
Only the mystics know the real value of Word recited with devotion, the chatter boxes dont know its value  who only sing and preach.
My Master has taught me this Word ,I am forever united with my Iord.
(Sain Bulleh Shah)

To have proper understanding of both the truth and the falsehood of human self. To transform falsehood into truth calmly in the light of Guru’s teachings and His divine Knowledge. Such a life provides happy, blissful thinking and constructive zeal.
“True master imparts knowledge of spiritual ecstasy and one who argues is spiritually blind”
(Guru Gorakh Nath)

3. Comprehend  SAHAJ and move ahead spontaneously after understanding it. With the awakening of intuitive knowledge, by the grace of Guru, with complete devotion and Guru’s blessing, make an effort to have access to ‘SAHAJ YOG’ through SHABAD SURAT YOG. In the Supra- mental State, the vanishing of dualism with the blessings of true enlightedness is SAHAJ YOG. But SAHAJ SAMADHI  is the process of soul transcending  in such a way that  essential nature of human  self gets absorbed in spiritual substance and due to the formation of Sam-Ras, only pure soul remains illuminated.“When through deep meditation, the soul becomes a witness to itself, then that stage, in the true sense, is salvation.”
( Amoradh Shashnam,P-89)
When the self itself becomes a witness to the self, then there is no trace of self, only pure soul- Omnipresent (existence)-Allah Hu .  
The Fakir(saint) who has access to SAHAJ SAMADHI descends on earth with his own sweet  will and discretion.“During our existence in this world, O NANAK, we should listen to lord and sing in His praise.”
(M- 1, P -661)
4. Live a life of contentment, patience, thankfulness, honesty. Keep in mind the favour done by others and don’t miss the chance of being grateful.“The place of ungrateful is the most terrible hell full of pain and suffering.”
(M-5, P-315)           
One who partakes some of his hard-earned money for charity, O Nanak, he knows the path”.
(M-1, P-1245)   
5.  Don’t miss the chance of being sympathetic to the suffering humanity and helping the truthful but having pity on the vicious is like becoming a puppet in the hands of Satan which is harmful and a sin also.