5. Don’t miss the chance of being sympathetic to the suffering humanity and helping the truthful but having pity on the vicious is like becoming a puppet in the hands of Satan which is harmful and a sin also.
6. Always have direct access to the needy for charity and forget about it afterwards. Always keep charity within your legal limits. Charity given without paying attention to the context of place, person and situation is not charity.
7. Keep lust, anger, greed, money- power and attachment (worldly) in their proper places. Perform worldly tasks after thorough introspection. Love religion (moral values) and discard group loyalty.
“If one remains dead while yet alive, then by doing so, he truly lives and hence attains salvation.”
(M-3, P-550)
8. Perform your worldly and godly duties with love and never shirk them lest earthliness overpower you finding unaware.
“Divine Guru has blessed us with this knowledge that if at any moment, you are negligent in remembrance of God, that moment is a moment spent in denial of God.”
(Sain Sultan Bahu)
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