17. The foolish disciples who follow others blindly get their pockets picked. A dutiful atheist is much nearer to God than an idle theist.
18. Avoid distractions and concentrate while taking bath, meals and during meditation.
“As long as I pass the thread through the bobbin, I forget the Lord ,my beloved”.
(Kabir ji, P-524)
While worshipping God, if the temple too is neat and clean and beautiful, meditation becomes a pleasure.
Be healthy, ever-busy and free from worldly worries.
“After taking your cleansing bath, remember your God in meditation, then your mind and body shall be free from diseases”.
(M-5, P-611)
“Eat less, sleep less, cherish mercy and forgiveness , practise gentleness and contentment and remain free from three modes“.
(Ramkali, Patshahi-10)
19. Adopt each new idea, contemplate, apply in life, and then take hold of another thought respectfully. If there is a challenge of choice between two vicious, then keep yourself at an arm’s length from both. Discover truth and help the one who may have an iota of truth.
20. Don’t allow your past to interfere with your present, whatever is deserted, thrown out of your memory. Keep on moving like waters.
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