Divine Dilemma: Spiritual Helpline 

(Divine Law of Evolution)

Sahajdhara Satsang, an entirely new concept in the system of meditation and spiritualism, originated in 1979-80 with the blessings of Satguru Nanak Dev ji. Its founder, Sahaj Incarnate -Gurudev, Dr. Jagjit Singh Grewal, M. A.( Pbi. Eng.) Ph.D.was born on 7th July, 1939 in village Threeke, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab. This great son of S.Harnam Singh Parwana, a staunch comrade and freedom fighter despite his communist inclinations was inspired by the dialectics in existence to become a spiritual-seeker. Hard-work put in by him in his Ph.D. thesis on “Imagery in Adi-Granth” proved to be a turning point in his journey of spiritualism. This spark of spiritualism in his enlightened mind took the form of a flame when he came in golden contact and touch of his Spiritual Guru-Mata Kirpal Kaur .This outstanding luminary of Sahaj, Dr. Jagjit Singh Grewal has been deputed by God to preach the mission of Sahaj Marg in this world. He has taken birth as Lord Buddha in the house of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Sahajdhara Satsang is based on the spiritual version of art of living which depends on self-analysis and introspection leading to positive development on the path of spiritual journey from decadence to transcendence under keen observation, intensive care and divine guidance of true master. This modern spiritual interpretation of human existence has nothing to do with ensnaring, decadent and unfriendly spiritual practices of established religions in the modern times while having full regard for all religions in pure form whose masters-our worthy Prophets deserve praise for their role in tackling the challenges of their times. This unique system does not believe in the mythical creation of universe but in the divine law of evolution based on law of motion, law of gravitation and Einstein’s theory of E=MC². While having full faith in Mool Mantar-Divine Utterance, it goes beyond science and religion in defining the concept of God as Eternally Glowing Consciousness, principle of Plus Something and Five Realities. Apart from this, this system makes us aware that individual self is Jivatma, a mixture of jiva and atma, earthliness and godliness. With meditation, the soul gradually purifies itself and realises that its mission on earth is not just to live but to exist and make this world a better place. With this awakening and consciousness, the spirit-abiding existentialist makes an effort to transcend so that it may leave its foot-prints on the sands of time.
Read more/lessIn order to make this dream of transcendence an achievable mission of life, Sahajdhara Satsang invites spiritual growth-oriented, quality conscious individuals ( in the present scenario of decadent religious practices and religious brokers in the garb of saints) to comprehend Sahaj and move ahead spontaneously on the path of spiritualism after understanding it. The instructional design of this system has 25-point programme on Art of Living, Divine Law of Evolution, Sahajdhara book, Sahajdhara booklet, Man De Ram Liya Hai Mol, Spiritual Discourses by Dr. J.S.Grewal to transfer this precious asset of knowledge to spiritual seekers. The beautiful and extraordinary feature of this instructional design is that the spiritual ideas are developed into the core of real life happenings, situations and adventures which provide handsome tips on spiritual nourishment to keep watch on evils like slandering, backbiting and backstabbing, how to channelise five senses positively and how to develop the art of donating for philanthropic and charitable purpose in order to maintain peace of mind and mental and spiritual health .Consequently, the process of implementation of Sahaj emerges automatically . This system also recognises the blessings of science with its powerful tools of faster connectivity like internet, e-mail, inter-active discussion sessions and feedback because these help in developing advanced learning environment for spiritualism. Dr. Grewal, a born spiritual master with a difference, being close to humanity, is carrying forward the legacy of Sahaj drawn from the world of spiritual heritage. He keeps the essence of original Sahaj with fidelity while tackling the challenges and addressing the concerns of 21st century spiritual seekers in order to build and strengthen the human resource pool in this tech savvy world. Due to religious idiosyncrasies, there has been erosion of secular values and religious intolerance. That is why, his message of inter-religion harmony that God is one, humanity is one and tolerance which is the barometer for noting the level of spiritual transformation, is quite loud and clear because the basic purpose of Sahaj is to help one evolve into a better human-being and to find possibilities of his transcendence according to his individual level and social context. The fountain head of this spiritual creativity and activity-Dr.Grewal with his spiritual thoughts in action system urges spiritual seekers to fortify their mindsets with virtues of hardships, self-discipline and honest performance of duties as worship without assertion of rights because this type of performance of duties is a challenge to one’s honour and moreover, learning of spiritualism in order to climb the spiritual ladder is not a cake-walk and germs of corruption breed in weak minds only. So we can’t afford to under-estimate and trivialise spiritualism and it is time to reflect, create and act to wake up the self in order to inform and reform the foggy spirit with the knowledge of Sahaj to work hard and enhance the quality of life. To set the buzzer of this alarm-clock of spiritualism, visit the valuable website of Sahajdhara Satsang for Spiritual Connect so that you may travel light on this path by not carrying the baggage of earthliness with you .Come and be a witness how spiritualism survives and thrives on the wings of Sahaj in the creative visionary achievements of this Living Spiritual Legend-Dr J.S.Grewal.