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13.The True Master with the qualities of Sahaj, patience, contentment, austerity and moral values, leads worldly life also. Keep yourself at ten koh distance from worldly hypocrites  who cling to dress codes, worldly power and self. Don’t accept a hypocrite posing as a saint, an ascetic or a great man.
The great saint Kabir remarks, “Imperfect saint loves maya (worldly pleasures)”. The True Master –very rare in this world, but if with good fortune, one comes across a True Master, cling to the feet of Guru like Bulleh Shah(a Sufi Saint) and have faith that your journey is complete. “How can I chant the glorious praises of Guru? The Guru is the ocean of truth and divine understanding. He is the perfect transcendental Lord, from the very beginning and throughout the ages.”                                                                  
(M-5, P-397)
14. Chant the name of lord, worship with devotion and meditate under the divine guidance of your True Master with unshaken faith. Any amendment made on our part is depletion of our good fortune.“The Guru is the Supreme Lord God, The Guru is lord of universe.”

(Ramkali M -5, P-897)
15. “Crow among birds, dog among animals, wrathful among sages, backbiter among human-beings is a mean, merciless person”.      
(Chankya in Chankya Neeti,Ch-6 ,shloka)
Slandering and backbiting is a disease. Guru’s divine knowledge is the remedy to remain free from this disease and be healthy. Make fun of the I.Q. of a slanderer and backbiter. “All kinds of medicines may be prepared but there is no cure for the slanderer.”  
(M-5, P-315)
16.“Forgive and forget” is not completely correct. Forgive but don’t forget.                          
“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.       
(John .F. Kennedy)                  
Remain enlightened with facts quoted by the great and elderly.      
“If a snake is fed on milk even then it will pour out poison from its mouth”. 
(Vaar 35, Bhai Gudass)
“Never will the bitter well turn sweet, even if you pour tons of sugar into it. “
( Sain Sultan Bahu)
17. The foolish disciples who follow others blindly get their pockets picked. A dutiful atheist is much nearer to God than an idle theist.
18. Avoid distractions and concentrate while taking bath, meals and during meditation.
“As long as I pass the thread through the bobbin, I forget the Lord, my beloved”.
(Kabir ji, P-524)
While worshipping God, if the temple too is neat and clean and beautiful, meditation becomes a pleasure.                                                                         
Be healthy, ever-busy and free from worldly worries.
“After taking your cleansing bath, remember your God in meditation, then your mind and body shall be free from diseases”.
(M-5, P-611)

Eat less, sleep less, cherish mercy and forgiveness , practise  gentleness and contentment and remain free from
three modes “
(Ramkali ,Patshahi-10)