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19.  Adopt each new idea, contemplate, apply in life, and then take hold of another thought respectfully. If there is a challenge of choice between two vicious, then keep yourself at an arm’s length from both. Discover  truth and  help the one who may have an iota of truth.
20. Don’t allow your past to interfere with your present, whatever is deserted, thrown out of your memory. Keep on moving like waters.
21. This life is not a battle-field for disputes and competitions. In the light of Guru’s divine wisdom, make your own path and go ahead singing and laughing.
The one who preaches only religious scriptures, one who has the belief that the path of God is to discipline his breath, one who doesn’t crave for God , Gorakh says all the above are completely non- religious .”                                 
 (Guru Gorakh Nath)
“They have thousands of books , they have come to be known as great scholars but the one
word ‘love’ they can’t grasp, so helplessly, they wander in delusion. Vast  is the gulf between love and
intellect. Those who  haven’t purchased love in the market- place of this life, O Bahu,  they will always be losers in this world and next”
( Sain Sultan Bahu)
22. Every thought that I confined in my expression shall become free with my actions. Work in reality, is to unveil the cover from love.
“Work is love made visible”.                                                          
 (Khalil Gibran)
 “One and only one goal of life is to serve  humanity”.       
(Mahatma Tolstoy)
“Sufi is one who is attached to God with purity and to world with good character.”
(Sheikh Us Seoti)
23.  A hungry person can’t be a disciple,as he only visualises food in divine knowledge. A rich man can’t be a disciple as he searches for dollars in this knowledge. A wise, austere,intelligent and self-disciplined man can only be a disciple as he discovers truth through knowledge . He waits for Guru ji’s divine guidance in the struggle to become pure and truthful. So, first of all, follow the path of austerity and discipline. If you are rich enough ,then mark your own boundary and remain alert at every moment . Win your ego and keep it under check with humility and politeness.

24.  Be a man of God like Banda Bahadur, the disciple of Guru Gobind Singh ji, otherwise being simply a Hindu, Sikh , Muslim or Christian means incomplete human- being .
25. This world is alien for us .Treat it as a Mumbai city – town of filmy actors. “Illusion is dominant everywhere, O Lallo,” is a prophetic word . But even then truthful ones and chaste  people are not  extinct . Search for them, identify them and lead a happy life with them. But always keep in mind, “one has to leave for the beloved’s home”.  
“Take pity on me, ONanak, so that I may sing your glorious praises and then I will have a feeling that  whatever is happening, feels good to me .”            
( M-5, P-748)