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6. Always have direct access to the needy for charity and forget about it afterwards.  Always keep charity within your legal limits .Charity given without paying attention to the context of place, person and situation is not charity.
7. Keep lust, anger, greed, money- power and attachment (worldly) in their proper places. Perform worldly tasks after thorough introspection. Love religion (moral values) and discard group loyalty.
“If one remains dead while yet alive, then by doing so, he truly lives and hence attains salvation.”                                                                                          
(M-3, P-550)
8. Perform your worldly and godly duties with love and never shirk them lest earthliness overpower you finding unaware.
“Divine Guru has blessed us with this knowledge that if at any moment, you are negligent in remembrance of God, that moment is a moment spent in denial of God”.
(Sain Bulleh Shah)
9. Adopt modes and means of prevalent times but restrict yourself to moral boundaries.
Always alert! Fully aware!
God has imparted us body. Keep it healthy and beautiful and be thankful to the provider. He has given us human soul and also consciousness to remain alert because “No one can attain him by cunningness,O, mortal self”. Obey wholeheartedly the dictates of The Soul, a witness.
10. Make an assessment of your possibilities and try to give them practical shape. Make a list of your virtues and
vices, good and bad habits.
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now-when?”
“Be steadfast in your faith, bold in your steps, only then you will discover God.”                                                                                                            
(Sain Sultan Bahu)

11. Life is a game full of pleasures and pains.  
“Why do you waver, O, Mortal being? The Creator lord Himself will protect you.”         
Prayers, requests are the acts of cowards. Obey the will of God boldly with a humble mind. Intelligence and strength are also the blessings of God. Use these blessings boldly.

“To face the consequences of past actions boldly behoves warriors.”

12. To perform the duties sincerely towards your dependents with a cool mind is the first stage of SAHAJ SADHANA. Share the blessings of God and enjoy the bliss.                 
“O, Nanak, meeting the true Guru, one comes to the perfect way  while performing worldly tasks involving laughing, playing, dressing and eating, he becomes emancipated.”                       
 (M-5, P-522)
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